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here is Junker!
Manage your waste with the smartphone!

Junker app is the most advanced personal assistant for separate waste collection in Italy. An intelligent “tutor” for separate collection, who recognizes the products by barcode or even from a photo, and explains how to dispose them correctly.

A true personal assistant, who reminds citizens of door-to-door calendars, guides them to the nearest collection point and helps them make more sustainable choices every day.

All this and much more is Junker, the app for separate waste collection.

Enter your address and you will have:

  • The waste collection calendar in your area always updated in real time;
  • The guide to waste separation: ABC of waste;
  • Collection Centers: timetables, useful information, connection with the smartphone navigator;
  • Ability to be notified via notifications on when and what type of waste to expose;
  • Communications / news to users;
  • Collection instructions.

Download Junker for APP STORE.

Download Junker for Android: GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

And also.. visit the Junker App YouTube channel.